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Discover the unique aura color combinations
which surround you.


Learn what your aura colors mean.


Receive a personal reading and take home your
one-of-a-kind aura photo as a memento of your
special event!

Holistic & Craft Fairs

Corporate Events & Fundraisers

 Holiday Celebrations and Parties

Singles Mixers



( or·a ) n. ,   Gr.,  1.  a luminous radiation  2.  an energy field that is said to emanate from a living being 
( Merriam-Webster )

Aura Imaging: is a revolutionary process that provides the most revealing and useful photo you’ll ever pose for. Taken with advanced biofeedback instruments, your photo reveals the radiant swirl of colors around your head that emanates from your mind, body and emotions. Each person will learn what their specific aura colors mean, together with suggestions on how they can use their strengths to maximize their potential in their social, love and family worlds, in their career, life, and in their relationship with themselves.

For Party Planners: Aura'bout You puts the Wow back in your event!
If you are looking for something different and unforgettable, this is it. Everyone's aura is unique and beautiful. Our expert aurographer will take individual pictures and give an inspiring interpretation of each guest’s aura photo, a one-of-a-kind keepsake they are sure to treasure. This is a real crowd pleaser that keeps everybody talking long after the party is over!

For Holistic & Craft Events: Aura'bout You and the "Art of You"- a colorful approach  to discovery and personal transformation of which the aura photograph is only the beginning. 
Three exciting options of self-exploration are amazingly informative and positively uplifting!

·     Full Body Energetics with aura and chakra photos

·     Hand Print Analysis based on fingerprints and palm markings

·     Kinetic Recall &Release life answers based on kinesiology

For Corporate Event Planners: Aura’bout You offers a special way to thank employees at a holiday party. It’s an exciting way to build team spirit and create an ongoing friendly atmosphere in the workplace. In addition to an aura photo and analysis, your employees will be given customized stress-management techniques. Without a doubt, this gift will be meaningful long after the event has passed.  

For Collegiate Parties: Aura'bout You  offers an awesomely cool ice-breaker for students. Armed with their aura photo and an aura analysis reading that focuses on the positive, each student can find "color chemistry" with a future roommate (during orientation), a "color match" (during socials), "color genes" with parents and siblings (during family weekends), or "color strengths" as they join team members in a sport or activity.
Guaranteed -- this will be a fun, educational event that provides a new way for students to see themselves and others around them.


     Barbara Ellen, aurographer
 (845) 684-5061



Click on the individual picture or the arrow  to see an Aura'bout You slide show !

Aura'bout You Services

Bio-energetic Aura Analysis
Aura face photo, chakra bodyprint and chakra graph
with intuitive reading
Fee: $80.(in person)

The Art of You
ura face personality profile
(available at events, workshops, celebrations etc.)
  Fee: $30 (in person)         $20 (children)

Family Dynamics
Understand the similarites and differences based on
 core energetics
to harmonize and support the family unit

    Fee: to be determined (in Person)


an original divination tool that uses recognizable symbols in
combination with scientific hand analysis to give insight and direction. $35 (In Person)

 an intuitive reading based on the patterns and images that appear
in the butterflies wings that form from paint colors
chosen in answer to  simple questions.
 $35 (phone or in person)




                                                                 COME SEE US AT       
                                                     2018 Events

           March 18     Mirabai of Woodstock
                                         23 Mill Hill Road
                                         Woodstock NY 12498
                                         Sunday 12-5pm

                      March 24     Unity of Light
                                         Johnson City Senior Center
                                         30 Brocton St.
                                         Johnson City NY 13790
                                         Saturday 10-6

                      June 7-10   Jin Shin Jytsu
                                          Private retreat
                                          So. Kortright NY 13482

                      Aug.4          Spirit Quest Expo
                                         Delaware Youth Center
                                         Callicoon NY
                                         Sat. 10-6
                      Aug. 11-12  Celebration of Life
                                          York Fair Expo Center
                                          Memorial Hall East
                                          334 Carlisle Ave
                                          York. Pa
                                          Sat. 10-6
                                          Sun 10-5


                      Sept.29      ARC of Ulster County
                                        471 Albany Avenue
                                        Kingston N.Y.12401
                                        Fri. 10-2

                       Nov.12       New Age Craft Expo
                                         Crowne Plaza
                                         Southbury Ct.
                                         Sunday 10-5

                                                   Kiehls Cosmetics
                                                   Product Launch


     What people are saying: 
           "I found Barbara's aura analysis stunningly accurate,
             and the photo's  accurately captured my overall state of being"      
                             James Van Praagh, Spiritual Medium                                                
                            executive producer CBS Ghost Whisperers                                         

         I saw Barbara at a Holistic Fair in York P.A. in 2014 and 2017.
Ever since then I had my aura photos hanging on the refrigerator to remind me
of all the things she suggested in how  I could strengthen my chakras.  I was so excited to see her three years later and have another bioenergetic analysis. My aura colors were pretty much the same but my chakras
 had really improved.    Barbara remembered me so it was even more  wonderful  for both of us to see how far I've come!

Melony Harris
retail store manager, Binghamton NY


Aura Matchmaking

“Aura'bout You" was a highlight at our Mix and Mingle at Shadows on the Hudson last month. Your high-tech matchmaking using aura imaging gathered crowds. It was great fun and a new and informative way for singles to connect with compatible partners. Thank you  for an exciting presentation. We want to include you in our next event.
 Angie Bodeen, Marketing Director
 Westchester Valley  Magazine 



        We want to extend our sincerest thanks for all of your hard work               
                                      on our Coty Product Launch                                        
         Your unique service added a great interactive layer to our event.                  
         The event guests were thrilled with your aura readings and the                       wonderful takeaway aura photos. We particularly loved the way that you were      able to incorporate the collection nail colors into the aura readings, such fun for       all!
                    Many thanks for your amazing service and helping                     
                                  to make our event a great success!                                 

                                                     Anne Landy                                                

                                                    AO Production                                             

                                                  234 Fifth Avenue N.Y                                      







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